Salumi della Valtellina - I parte

Salumi della Valtellina - II parte



Bresaola 北義風乾牛肉


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  • Vicky
  • Dear Ms Ho^^<br />
    <br />
    This is Vicky~~hhaaha~hope you still remember me!!:)<br />
    I hv finished my A-level and waiting for results^^thx for <br />
    your last comment in your blog saying that i m a student <br />
    who has good mannerXDDD haha(in fact i am very "cho lo")<br />
    wakakaka...<br />
    i hv read through your blog ms ho^^and i reli luv wht u <br />
    made^^it is soooooo tasty!!!<br />
    you no i luv writing too, as i have studied chin lit <br />
    since i was in f.4, i luv writing so i also write my <br />
    blog^^if u hv time you can go to my blog and have a look--<br />
    -<br />
    but my chin is not gdXD<br />
    i finish my summer jor tmr and i will start to cook!!!i <br />
    want to make as much dessert as i can!!as i said i will <br />
    bring some of my products to you!!!waakakak~~i will <br />
    inform you when will i come^^keke<br />
    <br />